GoGreen Partners is a private equity firm established to harness the power of financial markets to accelerate the energy transition with a focus on building resilient, western-aligned supply chains. GoGreen finances enterprises that produce essential materials and bring market innovations that will advance the clean energy transition. GoGreen is committed to ensuring its projects utilize best-in-class technology and adhere to the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Harnessing markets to combine sustainability with profitability.

GoGreen invests with organizations that have ambitions to create both environmental and financial value. We focus on enterprises in the critical materials space and those devoted to introducing innovative technologies to make energy supply chains cleaner and more efficient. We find opportunities where our network expertise can add value and provide those opportunities with the capital needed to scale up business and/or commercialize those opportunities.

The investment thesis rests on the paradox that the energy transition - particularly the growth in renewable power generation and the electrification of transportation - is generating unparalleled demand for critical minerals while the regulatory environment and financial markets continue to constrain investment in the exploration, production and processing of these materials.

Meanwhile, technology deployed in the fossil-fuel and other industries has the potential to deliver significant efficiency gains and improved environmental performance in critical-minerals production and processing. These market discontinuities present significant upside opportunities for investors able to identify tier-one projects that align top-notch leadership, resources, technology and access to western supply chains.

John Dowd
GoGreen Partners

Our goal is to equip companies that have solutions to climate change with the resources and expertise needed to succeed, leveraging our network for supply chain solutions.


Financing and securing access to diversified and responsibly-sourced supplies of the materials needed for the energy transition requires a range of skills as well as engagement with stakeholders from the private sector, governments, international organizations and civil society.

GoGreen's multidisciplinary team intersects all these networks, drawing on experience from the worlds of finance (Fidelity, Cinctive Capital), mining (Rio Tinto, Ivanhoe Electric), energy/technology (SLB) and foreign policy (National Security Council). By joining forces, GoGreen's team has produced an unparalleled network to draw upon for the expertise, resources and market intelligence required to equip companies developing solutions to climate change with the full suite of leadership, guidance and resources required to succeed.

GoGreen Leadership